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Fast Talker 3
Caroline Vanbesien

A complete solution for literate users. Fast Talker 3 includes apps for fast text communication, instant messages, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and much more. It also provides resources for Servus Environment Control and full access to windows...

Symbool Chat B
Caroline Vanbesien

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

Symbool Chat C
Caroline Vanbesien

Symbol Talker C provides a transition for people that have successfully communicated with a topic based vocabulary and are ready to use more language tools to say more. Core vocabulary is the name given to the words we speak most often. In Symbol...

Symbool Chat D
Caroline Vanbesien

Symbol Talker D promotes core vocabulary on the home page. This means you can generate novel sentences very quickly and you only need to visit topic pages to find less common words such as nouns. The smart grammar tools in Grid 3 help you generate...


oefeningen Leespraat

Greta - Jackson pollock for ipad

This is a work in progress so i can use the Jackson Pollock website still to get printing to work on this version thanks to Tizzy for helping me “This Gridset allows you to control the Jackson Pollock website, which allows you...

Procura os animais da quinta - 2023
CRPCCG 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 e 2023 - Lisboa

Atividade de procura dos animais através das silhuetas. Final com ligação ao YouTube. Elaborado por Vânia Lopes CRPCCG/UTAAC 2023

Virtual DJ - Jac

For Oli - a grid for controlling the DJ'ing software 'Virtual DJ'

מנגנים עם העיניים EyePlayMusic
יוסי בלום

היישום מנגנים עם העיניים מאפשר למשתמשי מיקוד מבט לנגן בכלי נגינה שונים. היישום מכיל שתי רמות: א. רמה פשוטה המאפשרת עצירה והפעלה מחדש של הנגינה. ב. רמה מתקדמת המאפשרת למשתמש לבחור בכלי נגינה שונים, לבחור את הסולם ולשלוט בעוצמת הנגינה. לשימוש...

A Rua das Formas

Ver um vídeo de forma acessível e inclusiva.

AA Computer Control

Take complete control of Windows and other software. Zoom to Click provides pixel accurate clicking on any target. Other grids give you on-screen keyboard and control of other Windows functions.

Aaron’s Alpha Core Page Set

Alpha Core is a text-based AAC vocabulary designed to meet the communication needs of literate adults with changing physical abilities, such as ALS or MND. It gives users a choice of seven keyboards, and the flexibility to change to another at any...

Aaron’s Alpha Core QWERTY

Alpha Core is a text-based AAC vocabulary designed to meet the communication needs of literate adults with changing physical abilities, such as ALS or MND. It gives users a choice of seven keyboards, and the flexibility to change to another at any...

ABC 2Passos

Um teclado de escrita ampliado com a possibilidade de copiar o texto para o ambiente de trabalho.

ABC caixas-AC
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Teclado de Escrita com Blocos para Acesso pelo Olhar.

ABC Fast-talker Slidey Keys

This grid set should be used in conjunction with auditory fishing & a custom key guard, to support those with visual & fine motor difficulties. Device Settings: • Auditory highlight • Select on release • Private voice for auditory highlight...

ABC tangentbord - Tvåstegs val med vila ruta, skicka e-post och dokumenthantering
Jesper Picomed

Ett ABCtangentbord med stora tangenter och val i två steg. Tvåstegsmetoden är ett effektiv skrivsätt för användare som behöver större träffyta. T.ex med ögonstyrning, huvudmus eller pek. Skicka som e-post och dokumenthantering är också inbyggt.

Abilia Switch - Copy
Abilia Glen Littlechild


Accès personnalisé à youtube
IEM Montreuil

Créée pour une jeune en particulier cette grille peut être retravaillée pour un autre jeune qui aurait des goûts musicaux différents . Le jeune accède à une première page où il choisit le chanteur qu'il veut écouter puis à la page chanteur sur...

Accessible Kindle for PC Control
Andy Banns

This is an adapted version of Tizzy's (from Smartbox) Kindle computer control grid set, to work with the accessible version of the Kindle PC software. The accessible Kindle software works with existing screen readers and includes keyboard shortcuts...

Accessible Kindle for PC v3.0
Will Wade

Similar to Andy's (and previous to that Tizzy's.. and whoever else..) this gridset is the latest (March 2017) build of the Accessible Kindle for PC. Instructions with a link to download the Kindle for PC is in the grid set. Please note for optimum...

Accessible Pinterest CES

Pinterest accessible user created by Claire Shrader OTR/L hms school

Online Grid Bundles

This set of grids is designed for switch users. It gives access to most of the drawing capabilities of the AccessMaths program. The grids are designed so that they can be added to another computer access set of grids, but they can be used on their...

Ace Remote Support

Accessible grid to launch Ace Centre TeamViewer for remote support. Specific to devices provided to client's by Ace Centre. Web: Tel: 01613580151 Email:

Acessibilidade Digital

Um trabalho desenvolvido para Acesso pelo Olhar, mas também pode ser adaptado para Varrimento. Abrange o controlo do computador e de muitas aplicações: - QWERTY Teclado QWERTY com predição, caracteres acentuados, algarismos e pontuação; -...

Acesso por Varrimento

Um teclado que promove um controlo autónomo do computador através de qualquer sistema de varrimento.

Acesso Varrimento - Básico

Um teclado completo, com as funções do controlo do computador através de comandos para varrimento.