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BM Core
Jessica Smith

This is a editable Core Board based off of the one from BM.

Brownie Surprise Cups
Jessica Smith

This recipe and activities were taken from the n2y’s Unique Learning System or ULS. This can be used with the recipe from February 2018 lesson plan from the Transition lesson plans. Symbols are from Symbolstix, Widget, And Grid.

First Responder Communication
Jessica Smith

This is a high tech board I made for first responders so they can communicate with people that are non verbal or have other disabilities. I am a high schooler with autism and I make boards for anybody who needs them!

Kids Songs Alexa Player
Jessica Smith

This is a Grid that works with Alexa Assistant to play folk and children’s songs

Travel Board
Jessica Smith

This is a Grid I made for traveling. It has a communication board, a camera feature, and a few games to play. This should be editable for people to customize to their likings!