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assessment user (kids) from symbol talker a
Cat Onlinegrids

I have edited Symbol Talker A to be easy to use in assessment. Motivating assessment tasks can be... asking the therapist/adults questions about themselves, playing 'Simon/child's name says', telling jokes, giving instructions, e.g. to put stickers...

Basic eye gaze/simple comm assessment
Cat Onlinegrids

This user is helpful for early introduction of eye gaze for communication. It has a yes/no scale, a rating scale and options for 2, 4, and 6 cells on a page to express different communicative functions. There is an eye gaze rest cell on every page...

E Tran Picture User
Cat Onlinegrids

This user is set out like an E Tran frame for symbol/picture users. It is set up for eye gaze, and has small cells in each corner that are not eye gaze activated to allow the communication partner to scaffold the activity, e.g. using the rest cell...

Eye gaze - two step assessment vocab
Cat Onlinegrids

This is an edited version of Symbol Talker A - amended for eye gaze and based around activities that can be carried out in assessment sessions. Users needs to be able to cope with up to 24 cells per page.