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Alphabet Halving for Communication
Marcus Friday

2 switch Grid 2 halving alphabetic layout keyboard made for visually impaired client. Long hold on switch 1 for space and long hold on switch 2 to speak text chat workspace. 6 switch presses required for each letter. Deliberately left 'start...

alternative pencil phoneme keyboard
Daniel Cooper

Grids made for early literacy and playing with sound letter coorespondence. Can be used with eye gaze

alternative pencil ver 2
Daniel Cooper

Improved format of alternative pencil. Says letter names. Additional features of full stop and backspace are hidden above the workspace.

Assessment Keyboards
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A grid bundle of a variety of different keyboards to help people assess which keyboard the user would prefer. In here is ABC keyboards, Frequency keyboards for touch screen and switch users, QWERTY keyboards, and a two hit 6 cell and 8 cell grid.

Tizzy Vanner - Smartbox

A vowel keyboard has been used to make auditory scanning easier.

Auditory Highlighting for child
Adam Waits Grid Player

A small grid for auditory switch scanning Keira set up for a child after a switch assessment

Carol's MME grids

This is an edited version of Symbol Talker C, part of The Grid software for use on devices such as touch screen devices, eye gaze as well as computers. It is extremely flexible and can be tailored to the needs and abilities of the person using it....

Christmas Chat
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A page for symbol users to chat about all things Christmas. If there are too many symbols on this page, you can remove a column or two, and still have plenty to say! I see Christmas lights! You want make snowman? I want Christmas pudding I...

Fast Talker 3 - Compass AEIOU

Based on Fast Talker 3 gridset from SmartBox. Changes include all keyboards in 5 rows AEIOU layout, no rest cells - designed for switch users, a reworked Messages function (categories are selected from a Message Menu page). Larger Computer Control...

Fast Talker 3 A.E.I.O.U scanning ver2

This gridset is based on Smartbox template Fast Talker 3. This template has been modified for switch access - primarily auditory scanning. Only the Fast Talker 3 functions that lend themselves to purely auditory scanning have been fully redesigned...

Fast Talker 3 AEIOU auditory - AAC

This gridset is based on Smartbox template Fast Talker 3. This template has been modified for switch access - primarily auditory scanning. Only the Fast Talker 3 communication functions have been fully redesigned into this new layout. Those...

Fast Talker 3 AEIOU auditory scanning

This gridset is based on Smartbox template Fast Talker 3. This template has been modified for switch access - primarily auditory scanning. Only the Fast Talker 3 functions that lend themselves to purely auditory scanning have been fully redesigned...

FSDS Symbol Talker B AU
Farhin Chowdhury

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

Kindle Grid with Text To Speech
Beaumont College

A gridset making use of the Kindle Reader PC app with accessibility plug-in. As long as you have screen reading software installed, this will function as a self-voicing switch accessible ebook reader. (This gridset automatically launches Texthelp...

One page high frequency keyboard with phrases. High contrast.

Created by S McNeilly at Ace Centre. Designed for someone with visual impairment. High contrast colour (black on yellow), high frequency alphabet layout with word prediction. Topic based phrases accessed via the same page to reduce navigation....

QWERTY Scanning Keyboard
John G

This is an unusal Gridset, still to be proven, a QWERTY keyboard intended to be used for switch controlled scanning with auditory feedback by a user who is lifelong blind, but has MND and now cannot use a lightwriter keyboard any more. This user is...

Self Advocacy Healthy Living
Beaumont College

An interactive resource which allows learners to explore concepts around healthy eating and lifestyle.

Sibelius 5 simple switch control
Drake Music

This Grid was developed for simple switch control of Sibelius 5 music composition software. (It's a simplified, adapted version of the 'SmartNav Computer Control' Grid bundle also posted by Drake Music.) Although there are 7 Grids contained in the...

Sibelius 5 SmartNav computer control
Drake Music

This Grid was developed for SmartNav control of Sibelius 5 music composition software. It should be able to be adapted for more recent versions of Sibelius, as well as for other access methods. Menus & Shortcuts need to be changed in Sibelius...

Simple Yes No Scanner
Amanda Bonjour

This is a switch oerated yes - no scanning grid writen to get a young brain injured patient used to switch controlled scanning. It has visual and spoken audio feedback while scanning.

Sky Q TV Controls
Smartbox Jay 2018

A gridset that allows you to control your Sky Q boxes. Set up favourite channels in seconds as well as controlling the whole Sky EPG. NOTE: Please ensure you have the Sky Q remote set up as a Set top box accessesory The file and how to guide...

Super Core PCS

Super Core is an easy-to-use core vocabulary designed to help early AAC users experience success with symbol communication. It combines a consistent core vocabulary with context specific language, focusing on daily routines and play activities – to...

Talk Together for G3 Stage 1 (Widgit)
Adam Waits Grid Player

A version of the Grid 2 Talk Together stage 1 grid set. Simplified for the moment, it does not currently include the useful tips pages that are available on each page of the orignial Grid 2 version. The multilevel page sets place the emphasis on...

Vowel alphabet
Smartbox - The Grid 2

This typing grid has the letters of the alphabet arranged in rows, starting with each vowel. Breaking the alphabet into rows starting with vowels makes it easy for users to locate letters on the keyboard. Auditory scanning users also find it...

Windows 8 Computer Control
Smartbox - The Grid 2

These grids have been designed to allow you to access Windows 8 apps using switches. The grids allow you to control the Start menu, Windows 8 apps and desktop apps, and includes an on-screen keyboard and mouse control.

Commencez à parler gaspard

Commencer à parler est un vocabulaire de communication pour les utilisateurs de pictogrammes. Ces grilles fournissent un point de départ structuré pour déveloper un système de communication plus étendu et personnalisé.

Easy Player MP3 deutsche Anwendung

Mediaplayer für MP3 ist ein einfacher Mediaplayer um Mediadateien abzuspielen. Es ist möglich auf einzelnen Button Dateien zu stoppen und auch das Design hierzu mit Symbolen selber zu gestalten.

Fast Talker 3 - ALS

Kompletný zväzok mriežok pre uživateľa, ktorý je schopný čítať a písať. Fast Talker 3 obsahuje aplikácie pre rýchlu textovú komunikáciu, prehľadávanie webu, rýchle správy, SMS, email, Facebook, Youtube a mnoho ďalšieho. Vhodyný napr. pre ALS...

Fast Talker 3 + Möjlighet för användaren att spela in saker i Röstbanken

Fast Talker 3 + möjligheten för användaren själv att läsa in och spara fraser, vitsar, svordommar, skratt m.m. till Röstbanken. Från Fraser sidan finns en länk till inspelning och även från själva Röstbanken.