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Homophones - Next Step
Amy Robertson

Practice homophones within a sentence. Learner have to use the correct homophone to create a sentence.

Smartbox Adam Online Grids

For Grid 2 .This Grid set is designed around a background picture of a bedroom. The user has to identify and select items found in the room. Hotspots are created with transparent cells. It makes use of commands that generate a random question...

Hungry caterpillar - create own version ATtherapy

This grid set allows users to write their own version of The very hungry caterpillar, choosing from up to four options to make a silly story. At the end of the story, you can choose to write more, print your story, read your story back, or start...

I Hear! Level A Book
Maddy McAllen

Read the sentence, hide the sentence if you like, recreate the sentence. Level A reader

Identify Kitchen utensils

Help ALN/SEN pupils identify kitchen utensils as part of cooking classes.

IEr first phonics
Jen Clark

Initial sounds for the names of Isla's family

In the Water - Level A Book
Maddy McAllen

Read the sentence, hide the sentence if you like, recreate the sentence. Level A reader

Inch and Grub Writing Activities
CALL Scotland

A set of differentiated writing activities about the book “Inch and Grub’' written by Alastair Chisholm and illustrated by David Roberts. Activities include writing a book review and creating sentences about the story; grid sets with differentiated...

Initial Blends
Phonics for All

Phonics for All - Initial Blends. This grid set explores how two letters together at the beginning of a word are blended together, with clear visual examples. There are 24 sets in this grid set. Please download all 11 Phonics for All grid sets.

Introductory pageset (RH)
Sally Featon

This Grid Set was created by ATtherapy This is a bespoke 'getting started' page set for someone to engage with communication who is not quite ready for Supercore learning 12 yet. This has between 4 and 8 cells on a page to choose between;...

IXL Maths
Juliann Bergin

A grid set to use with website, a subscription based learning resource. This gridset will launch the IXL website in Chrome, but a facilitator will need to choose the activity.

Jackson Pollock
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

This Gridset allows you to control the Jackson Pollock website, which allows you to create abstract painitings using eye gaze. You can change the colour of the paint by blinking (using the blink to click).

JIgsaws touch
Keira Smartbox

Launches suitable for using with a touch screen

Just in time
hayley smith

This book is suitable for ks2 readers. The book will read the text aloud.

Key Stage 2
Smartbox - The Grid 2

This large resource of words is intended for use at key stage 2, with wordlists compiled around the National Curriculum. The grids are arranged in 12 core topics: Art and design, Citizenship, Design and Technology, Geography, History, IT Music,...

Janet Larcher

There are three on-screen keyboards laid out for children I have worked with who have physical and/or visual difficulties. Two offer symbol prediction (large keyboard and symbol keyboard) the other just word prediction. To change the keyboard...

Kindle for Kids
Jess Wright - Smartbox

This grid set is designed to help users navigate the electronic books provided through the free Kindle for PC application. This can be downloaded via Amazon and complements their popular E-Book Reader. books must first be downloaded (pay for, free...

Kitchen Hygiene -Identify consequences of a dirty kitchen.

Helping ALN pupils to identify the consequences of a dirty kitchen and know how to make it safe for cooking.

Labelling a picture
Saffron Murphy AAC

A grid for labelling in Grid 3, similar to saved phrase in Grid 2.

Language Links Core Advanced
FRS Custom Solutions

Language Links Core Advanced is ideal for individuals functioning at an 8+ age level. At this level the user is provided with the most content within the pragmatic categories as well as within the subject, verb, and noun categories. The user is...

Language Links Core Basic
FRS Custom Solutions

Language Links Core Basic is ideal for individuals functioning at a 4 to 7 year old age language age level. Language Links Core Basic maintains all of the pragmatically based content areas found in Language Links Core Preschool as well as adding...

Language Links Core Intermediate
FRS Custom Solutions

Language Links Core Intermediate is ideal for individuals functioning on a 6 to 9 year old language age. Within the intermediate level the user again maintains all the language previously learned in the lower levels plus additional content...