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Text Talker - Undo
Smartbox Jay

A text communication grid set optimised for touch screen users, for fast and efficient message generation. Incorporating word prediction, chat history, pre-stored phrases and message banking. A memory function allows you to store a phrase with a...

Thunderbird - simplified email routine
Aidis Trust - Tony

The bundle simplifies access to Thunderbird emails, and is designed with switch access in mind. The layout is simple to see and understand, and the operation should remove possible confusion. Enjoy!

Tobii Keyboard

This keyboard is for use alongside Gaze selection to provide prediction other advanced functions. Please make sure to hide the Grid 2's title bar for full effect.


Add flam

Toy box
Laith Ritchie

This grid set introduces AAC in a fun way. It allows you to interact with your child or client and see their development i.e eye gaze tracking.


Requires Google Chrome to be installed - and Google translate keyboard shortcuts installed -...

Using colour coding and shape coding.
Emma Covington

Created by AAC technicians Rochelle Dawes and Carla Middleton and Emma Covington, NHS assistant at LONSDALE PNI school. We made this to be colour coded in line with COLOURFUL SEMANTICS. It is also Shape coded as our user wasn't too sure of his...

video game communication
Daniel Cooper

This is a starter gridset for use with a video game console.

Virtual DJ -Oli
Oliver Cunningham

For Oli - a grid for controlling the DJ'ing software 'Virtual DJ' along with a projector for visual effect. VDJ needs to be key coded to allow gridset to communicate with VDJ Go to settings (cog wheel...

Vocab for Life Eye Gaze
Adam Waits Smartbox

This is a version of Vocabulary For Life that has been adapted for eye gaze use. This grid set is aimed at young adults who already have experience of low and/or high tech AAC. Although the grid set is fully supported by symbols, the spelling...

Wack a nose 2013
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Started to adapt my colleague's Neil grid from last year. I have changed some of the images, but not everything. So it is still monster pizza for example rather than dino. Do have a look though, if I get a chance this week will change further....

Wack a Nose Grid Player
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A simple version of Wack a nose grid set for the Grid Player If you like the game don't forget to donate some money to Comic Relief -

WinSlate Videos
Eyegaze User

WinSlate Videos

World Book Day
Natasha Roberts - Smartbox

A grid set of bed time stories, put together for World book day.

YouTube for kids - eye gaze and switch access
Smartbox - The Grid 2

YouTube for Kids is a new grid set that offers children a simple, straightforward and easy-to-access way to use YouTube. You need to install Adobe Flash Player 5 to use this grid set. This version is designed for switch and eye gaze users.

YouTube for symbol users
Jess Wright - Smartbox

YouTube search for symbol users - a grid set that offers a simple, straightforward and easy-to-access way to use YouTube through pre created cells and paste cells which when these grids are added to a vocabulary enable an individual to use symbols....

YouTube Keyboard and Symbol
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

This version is for Grid 2, for Grid 3 please use please use YouTube for Kids from Smartbox. A YouTube plugin for all users whether accessing via touch screen, switch or...

YouTube music
Keira Fewtrell -Smartbox

Browse and play videos millions of videos from YouTube. This is a simplified version and you can change which music it searches for by changing the Word List

Youtube Watcher

THIS GRIDSET WILL ALLOW ONE CELL SELECTION OF A SPECIFIC YOUTUBE VIDEO. INSTRUCTIONS PAGE INCLUDED FOR SETTING UP. This Youtube gridset allows the user to select a specific video from YouTube and be played using a single selection. No search or...

3 choice - blank template

A blank template for a 3 choice activity. You can edit the content to create your own 3 choice activities.

5 patinhos
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Canção dos "5 Patinhos" adaptada com símbolos pictográficos.

A que sabe a lua
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Ler a História "A que sabe a lua?" e Jogo de lembrar, ouvir, compreender e selecionar a resposta, baseado na história.

francesca bianco -

Scegli l'immagine che inizia con la lettera richiesta

ABC caixas-AC
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Teclado de Escrita com Blocos para Acesso pelo Olhar.

ABC tangentbord - Tvåstegs val med vila ruta, skicka e-post och dokumenthantering
Jesper Persson - Picomed

Ett ABCtangentbord med stora tangenter och val i två steg. Tvåstegsmetoden är ett effektiv skrivsätt för användare som behöver större träffyta. T.ex med ögonstyrning, huvudmus eller pek. Skicka som e-post och dokumenthantering är också inbyggt.

ABCD KeyBoard DE
Ralph Dietrich

Einfache ABCD Tastatur mit Wortvorhersage.

Acessibilidade Digital

Um trabalho desenvolvido para Acesso pelo Olhar, mas também pode ser adaptado para Varrimento. Abrange o controlo do computador e de muitas aplicações: - QWERTY Teclado QWERTY com predição, caracteres acentuados, algarismos e pontuação; -...

Actividade 10- Consciência fonológica do Som [B] em posição inicial de palavra
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Promover a consciência fonológica do som [B] em início de palavra e adequar a articulação verbal deste som.