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Planet Pog - Touch

Explore this scene to find out what lurks on (or under) the surface of the Planet Pog. This grid set helps teach cause and effect as well as early language skills. Interactive Learning activities are designed to be motivating and fun while teaching...

Platinum Jubilee
Emma H - Smartbox

A short book grid set all about the 2022 Platinum Jubilee. Get in the spirit of things and listen to it in the Queens Voice! Made by Son in our Support Team

Pop Song Choice (2)
Jsy Salt

4 pop song choices

Positioning Guide
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A version of Neil Fitzgerald's Positioning guide grid set but with links to some Core symbolised. This grid set can be set to launch when Grid 3 starts. To do this open Settings > (User Name) > Startup. This is so that a positioning guide is...

Priory Wood Games
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

This grid set will let you launch some of the Priory Wood games, you will need to download the games from their website for this grid to work. The amount of games you can now download are limited but they can be found at the link below...

Purposeful Choice
Petar Tica

A grid created with the intention of seeing if a user is able to choose purposefully and relate what they can see in real life to what is on their grid. Fully adaptable for whatever motivations the user has. The is a reward after the inital...

Puzzle UK
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Translated from Elena Laudanna's puzzle grid set It contains 5 simple 9 piece jigsaw puzzles. To make it a more manageable task for the user she has limited the choice of which by...

Quickly, quickly, rescue me
Barney Hawes - Smartbox

A short story about getting stuck in the mud.

Amy Robertson

Reading. Oxford Owl book made accessible - includes an activity.

Rainbow Fish

a simple one button story telling grid with 4 core words to model

RB- Adult directed activities choiceboard
Hannah P

Basic page that allows a user to select 3 activities to complete from a choice above.

RB- Shapes Term 5
Hannah P


Red Nose Day
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

A gridset all about Red Nose Day, including videos, stories, games and symbolised vocabulary. Also containing recipes for Red Nose Day recommended bakes for a fundraising bake sale. Use this gridset for all your Red nose day activities!

Red Nose Day Dino Games
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

You need to have your device connected to the internet. This grid set will run the games on the Red Nose Day website that are easy to access with touch screen, head pointers, joysticks or eyegaze. Make sure you either have your access methods...

Robo Snail - Touch

Use Robo Snail’s laser, jet pack or water cannon to defeat the obstacles in his way. This grid set challenges you to win! Interactive Learning activities are designed to be motivating and fun while teaching key access skills. The included chat...

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

Play rock, paper, scissors with just one press! Grid 3 will make a random selection

Room on a broom

Sound effects for room on the broom story

Room on a Broom Sounds
Jsy Salt

Sounds to be used with the book

Royal Wedding
Emma H - Smartbox

A short book grid set all about the 2018 Royal Wedding between Harry and Meghan. Get in the spirit of things and listen to it in the Queens Voice!

Rubbish Ghost
hayley smith

Story with pictures. Suitable for KS2 children. Grid will read story aloud.

SA You Tube

Adapted for individual 9.11.21 updated 23.3.22 updated 19.5.22

Santa´s workshop
curricular pablo


Santa´s workshop


Scaredy Bat Writing Activities
CALL Scotland

A set of differentiated writing activities about the book 'Scaredy Bat’' by Jonathan Meres and illustrated by Anders Frang. Activities include writing a book review and creating sentences about the story; grid sets with differentiated levels of...

Scavenger Hunt - Scanning
Control Bionics Trilogy - Jill

An adaptation/extended version of a wonderful grid set that was created by ATtherapy.

Scene Talker

Scene Talker is a Grid designed to allow users to create hot spots on photographs and pictures. How to use: 1 - From the home page create a Jump Cell to a new page. I used a 12x7 grid, but more cells will be useful if you want to focus on some...

Scruffy talking
Andrea's grids

Scruffy targets are Student-led, Creative, Relevant, Unspecified Fun for Youngsters.This gridset is designed to encourage AAC use for silly, creative and social communication. It is NOT designed to teach symbols, navigation or sentence structures....

tracey press

Example of how specific youtube videos can be played in Grid 3