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Fraction Board
Mike Miller

For KS2/3 eye-gazers but tweekable for switch or touch screen users. They allow two mixed numbers/fractions (proper or improper) and a decimal equivalent to be compared in the conventional format prompted by a diagram and set task created by the...

Free Audible Stories - with search
Michelle Mason

Listen to the Free Audible books via this grid. Either browse through the 6 different categories of books, or search using the keyboard. Created by Michelle Mason, SENICT AAC Assistant for Oxfordshire County Council. Please email...

General Election 2019
Saffron Murphy AAC

A grid set with all the major parties and leaders as well as some key issues. A mixture of Widget and PCS symbols and pictures. Ideal as an add in to a communication grid.

Going on a bear hunt for Grid 3
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A version of Gemma's Bear Hunt grid, updated for Grid 3. This grid set allows symbol users to write their own version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, choosing from up to four options to make a silly story. At the end of the story, you can choose to...

Google Books
Emma H - Smartbox

A simple grid set for using Google Books made with the accessible web browser.

Google Sketchup
Online Grid Bundles

A computer control grid for the free 3D modelling application (optimised for switch users). From Beaumont College

Guess Who
Sarah Barlow

A version of 'Guess Who' in a format that complements the Supercore 30 layout and style. This grid encourages the user to combine question starters with verbs, nouns and adjectives to ask 'Guess Who' questions. There are also 'yes' and 'no' cells.

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

This is a grid set for decorating pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

Halving Demo
Online Grid Bundles

A demonstration of the 'halving' (also called scan-direct) method of switch access. From Simon Judge

Halving Demo - Alternative Method
Online Grid Bundles

A demonstration of the 'halving' (also called scan-direct) method of switch access. From Simon Judge

Henry the Eighth's Wives

Order Henry the Eighth's infamous wives, and describe how each of them met their end.

Holiday diary
Natasha Roberts - Smartbox

A diary grid to record what you are getting up to over the half term holidays. Add into a grid set of your choice. Once you have added your news to the chat writing area, head to the diary grid and add it to your day of choice. Perfect for...

Image Search
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A grid bundle set up to do a simple google image search using

Inch and Grub Writing Activities
CALL Scotland

A set of differentiated writing activities about the book “Inch and Grub’' written by Alastair Chisholm and illustrated by David Roberts. Activities include writing a book review and creating sentences about the story; grid sets with differentiated...

Interactive Learning - Big Targets

This a collection of all the Interactive Learning activities for Grid 3 with increased target size.

Interactive Learning Cause & Effect - 4 choices with chat - with rest cells
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A modified version of the Interactive Learning Cause and Effect grids, with four large cells to choose from in each activity, and chat and opinion pages also with just four large cells. An added page also allows users to say if they would like to do...

Interactive Learning for switch access
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A version of the Interactive Learning grids tailored for developing switch access. All activities have the animation cells in a single row across the top of the screen for introducing and developing cell by cell scanning. Cause and Effect Chat pages...

IXL Maths
Juliann Bergin

A grid set to use with website, a subscription based learning resource. This gridset will launch the IXL website in Chrome, but a facilitator will need to choose the activity.

Keyboard Collection
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A collection of keyboards for different access requirements to support assessment.

Kindle for Switch Access 2022
Laurence Wright

This is an adapted version of Tizzy's (from Smartbox) Kindle computer control grid set, to work with the accessible version of the Kindle PC software. The accessible Kindle software works with existing screen readers. Information and the download...

Kindle Grid with Text To Speech
Beaumont College

A gridset making use of the Kindle Reader PC app with accessibility plug-in. As long as you have screen reading software installed, this will function as a self-voicing switch accessible ebook reader. (This gridset automatically launches Texthelp...

Maths Buddy Access Grid
Helen Brunner

Enables switch user to access and complete tasks on the website. Combines mouse emulation and number input with a few other key computer control keys to enable navigation of the site and entering of responses. You need to edit...

John G

A simple switch scanning message list for (example) a paralysed but cognitive user for access using switch scanning with auditory feedback while scanning to aid the partially sighted.

Minds Eye - Grid 3

Mind's Eye - Grid 3. (iOS users please search for 'Mind's Eye - Grid for iPad') Mind's Eye is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create images to help you better express what you think and feel. Type a short description of your desired...

Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A gift from Grid! A grid set allowing you to play the classic Windows Minesweeper game.

Morse code
Barney Hawes Smartbox

This grid set shows how you can use two switches to do Morse Code in The Grid 2. Note that this requires version 2.7 or later.

Mother's Day Activities

A fun and accessible grid set all about Mother's Day. It includes two learning grids with different cell sizes, featuring core and fringe vocabulary to encourage communication about Mother's Day. There are also two great activities to help make a...

Compass Ax 2019_12_24

Modified from FastTalker2, this grid is intended for switch user to use Mouseless Browsing Firefox Add-on. See

Mouseless Firefox (Grid 2)
Rob Series - Smartbox

Grid set for use with Firefox and Tobii Dynavox Mouseless Browsing addin. Includes ABC, QWERTY and Frequency keyboards.

Multimodal Book Choice Set EyeGaze Switch Access
Rebecca Cunneen

Links to different multimodal books on Youtube, similar to barefoot books. For self-selected reading.