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Yvonne Clarke

This is a fun and basic grid set for creating a really simple story. Each page on the grid offers choices to build up a fun story.

elf on the shelf

Elf on the shelf

Elf on the Shelf - Learning Grid
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A simple communication grid based on the Super Core learning grids 20 cells. Includes vocabulary for talking about the cheeky elf and where he is hiding.


First steps

EM 19.02.16

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

Email Express
FRS Custom Solutions

A basic e-mail program allowing users to send and receive e-mail with simple buttons and an easy to follow 3 step process within the communication software, eliminating the need to go to the desktop, launch a second application, and have to...

Email voice
Norwood AT

A fully featured accessible email app provides a powerful email application with simple navigation. Updated for easier access via the new Voice control feature within Grid 3. Feel free to edit/adjust and share these apps. I have updated...

Emily's movie

Newest version of Emily's movie

End of Unit Tests
Phonics for All

Phonics for All - End of Unit Tests. Endnd of unit tests are useful to use as a baseline before starting the programme. Administer them again at the end of each unit to measure progress. Where a student is still having problems, repeast the...

Euan's Guide Review Grid
Craig Brown

This Grid is for use with Euan's Guide, for individuals to create a review through direct access, switch or Eye Gaze access through Grid 3. Assistance will be needed to set up an account, select the location and with uploading pictures, videos or...

Example Grid Set (2)
R Peart

Kestrels Grid 3

Exploring the language of Shakespeare
Smartbox Kat

Learn how we own everyday phrases to Shakespeare. Watch short BBC videos via iPlayer that explain the origin of such phrases as 'I sent him packing' and 'In a pickle' Grid set is a symbol based, simplified YouTube controller

Eye Gaze accuracy test - motivators version
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

Target based activity for working out the limit of one's calibration. The number of cells available in this gridset are 6, 12, 20, 30, 42 & 60

Eye Gaze accuracy test - motivators version
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

Target based activity for looking at the number of cells which a user is able to access. This version of the grid set has targets including Mr Tumble, Disney characters, and Marvel superheroes, which may be motivating for some users. The number...

Eye Gaze Assessment
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A set of grids designed to assist with eye gaze assessments. Activities include target practice, assessment keyboards and sample symbol communication boards.

FA instruments HC

Make some music using the Grid 3. This grid set allows you to play sample sounds of instruments from the major instrument groups (wood wind, brass, strings, percussion), as well as have a go at playing the piano, xylophone and the drums.

Fancy Dress

Enter the magic dressing room to choose your outfit then dance to the music. This grid set helps develop early choice making skills. Interactive Learning activities are designed to be motivating and fun while teaching key access skills. The...

Fancy Dress - larger targets

Modification of Smartbox's Fancy Dress Activity with slightly larger targets in game area based on suggestion by Sammy Randall

Fast Talker

Fast Talker is a complete solution for literate users, with apps for fast text communication, message banking, SMS, email, browsing the web and much more. You can also use the Servus Environment Control resources, and get full access to Windows with...

Fast Talker
NSALS user

Edited version of fast talker for patients with low vision. A high contrast keyboard has been added with thick bold black font to enable ease of use. KP v3.88

Fast Talker - 2 step Eye 2022

Updated for 2022. This gridset is based on Smartbox's Fast Talker. This template has been modified so all grid pages have 5 columns & 4 rows - providing larger cells for access while still offering full functionality. Fast Talker has been fully...

Fast Talker - Large Cell

Fast Talker Large Cell has the same features as Fast Talker and is available for people who need larger cells on each grid. It has a frequency-based keyboard that splits letters across two grids, with the most commonly used letters appearing first....

Fast Talker - Large Cell
NSALS user

For K.O edited by SaLT for ease of use with low vision. Black and Yellow contrast. uploaded 27.01.2

Fast Talker - Large Cell - Cyrillic

This Cyrillic Fast Talker Large Cell gridset is based on Smartbox's English Fast Talker Large Cell. See information page in gridset for more information. Happy to edit it:

Fast Talker - Translator
Smartbox Jay

** This version of Fast Talker has added pages to control the Microsoft Translator Windows 10 app to translate and speak your text from Grid 3. You will need to install the Microsoft Translator Windows 10 app You may also need to adjust the...

Fast Talker 3
Heather 2019_05_23 2019_05_23

Contains an updated page for posting Facebook status, following a change to the Facebook website

Fast Talker 3
Ann T

A complete solution for literate users. Fast Talker 3 includes apps for fast text communication, instant messages, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and much more. It also provides resources for Servus Environment Control and full access to windows...