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Text Talker for iPad
John G

This is my version of Text Talker which I provide to (usually) adult, literate users who require speech assistance. I've added a "my name is" button to the Greetings phrase page and removed the "copy" button on every page because it's not a lot of...

Text Talker G3 iPad
John G

This version is the original Grid 2 gridset modified using Grid 3. It is specifically intended for use on iPad with Grid Player. I customise the phrases for each user (using Grid 3) before sending to their GridPlayer account. It gives a very...

Text Talker lite

Text Talker Lite is a reduced version of SmartBox's own Text Talker gridset. There is only one phrase list and links to a qwerty keyboard with predication, numbers and copy removed. Feedback & requests: email

Text Talker Phrasebook
Smartbox - The Grid 2

Text Talker Phrasebook provides lots of phrases to provide fast communication for people who can read but not speak. There are also quick-response buttons on every grid for one word answers to questions.

Text Talker with symbolised phrases
Jess Wright - Smartbox

A adapted grid set designed for an ASD user that is literate and only uses phrase when distressed. A text based communication system for literate users. Text Talker includes prediction and a ready made bank of instant messages. Text Talker...

The Grunts. On the run.
hayley smith

This is the full text of Grunts on the run. Each page will begin reading automatically.

Thumbs Board
FRS Custom Solutions

The Thumbs-Board user file allows users to type quickly into their device using a touch input that is similar to most cell phones. When used on the ComLink ULTRA™, users can hold the device in their hands and easily reach the buttons on the keyboard...

Touch frequency keyboard
Smartbox - The Grid 2

This grid has the alphabet for typing, and is designed for touch screen users. The letters are in alphabetical order. The rows have been split so that most of the commonly required letters are on the left hand side, near the prediction cells, to...

Smartbox - The Grid 2

This is a grid set for typing with the new TouchType writing in The Grid 2.

two hit direct access ABC

two hit direct access keyboard for those with a VI

Two hit keyboard

High contrast two hit keyboard with phrases and prediction

Barney Hawes Smartbox

Fast text communication. The start grid has core words with smart verbs, and there's a keyboard for spelling out other words.

Visual Scene Display Template
Emma - Smartbox

An example of how a grid set can be used as a visual scene display to communicate. This grid set uses pictures of rooms in the home as well as places the user might want to visit. Pictures can be replaced with photos more relevant to the user...

Vocabulary for Life
supported learning wt

This grid set is aimed at young adults who already have experience of low and/or high tech AAC. Although the grid set is fully supported by symbols, the spelling grid enables users who have some literacy skills to spell out unique words.

Vocabulary for Life - Touch
Gstt Acs

A grid set aimed at young adults which is focused on supporting independence through access to functional language for a range of everyday situations. With full symbol support, and access to spelling to enable users with some literacy skills to...

Vowel alphabet
Smartbox - The Grid 2

This typing grid has the letters of the alphabet arranged in rows, starting with each vowel. Breaking the alphabet into rows starting with vowels makes it easy for users to locate letters on the keyboard. Auditory scanning users also find it...

Vowel Keyboard
FRS Custom Solutions

A great keyboard for simple communication, the FRS Vowel Keyboard is popular with both switch users & kids. It gives the user a simple, easy to understand layout which fully operates on a single page.

Weekend Crosswords Book 3
Rob Series - Smartbox

Have a go at the Guardian newspapers quick crosswords.

Weekend Crosswords Book 4
Rob Series - Smartbox

Have a go at the Guardian newspapers quick crosswords. 50 crosswords ending August 2019

Weekly home timetable

This grid offers a simple home diary, or timetable to allow a user to know what is happening in thier week. I made it for my 16 year old as a replacement for a massive whiteboard with velcro PECs symblos. Now she carries her diary with her all the...


Using a whiteboard drawing app is a great way to involve gesturing in the communication process. The Whiteboard is like a blank piece of paper that you write or draw on with your finger. Use it to write short messages, letters, or draw pictures to...

WordPower 100 Low-Tech PCS
Enid Li-Jones

A version of WordPower 100 by Nancy Inman, designed for printing out to act as a low-tech alternative when a communication device is unavailable. Can also be used alongside a communication device for modelling language. Contains two pages - core and...

Yes, No and Maybe
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A simple one page grid that can be added into any vocabulary set. This page gives users access to a nice clear, Yes, No and Maybe.

YouTube music - simplified large cells
Keira Fewtrell Feb 19

Simplified version of the You Tube grid set with larger cells for navigation and uses a word list to add/ delete content for the search

Youtube Watcher

THIS GRIDSET WILL ALLOW ONE CELL SELECTION OF A SPECIFIC YOUTUBE VIDEO. INSTRUCTIONS PAGE INCLUDED FOR SETTING UP. This Youtube gridset allows the user to select a specific video from YouTube and be played using a single selection. No search or...

מקלדת פשוטה רוסית
יוסי בלום

מקלדת פשוטה עם מקשים צבעוניים ותאי חיזוי עם סמלים. המקלדת מסודרת לפי סדר האלפבית הרוסי.


Ronamac(Chinese in Taiwan)


Ronamac(Chinese in Taiwan)


Ronamac(Taiwan Chinese)


Ronamac(Chinese in Taiwan)