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ABC Fast-talker Slidey Keys

This grid set should be used in conjunction with auditory fishing & a custom key guard, to support those with visual & fine motor difficulties. Device Settings: • Auditory highlight • Select on release • Private voice for auditory highlight...

Abilia Switch - Copy
Abilia Glen Littlechild


Acapela Voice Smileys
Emma H - Smartbox

This grid set displays how you can use punctuation to create sounds and change the way a word or phrase is spoken. Please note not all exclamations and sounds work with all voices, to see more about which work with each voice please visit that...

Adapted Computer Control
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Adapted Computer Control for Grid 2

Adults with MND Grids
MND Scotland10

A text based communication system for literate users. Text Talker includes prediction and a ready made bank of instant messages. Text Talker was developed for use with Grid Player and includes a copy to clipboard function for simple integration...

AEIOU scanning Layout with prediction
Samantha McNeilly

A complete solution for literate users. Fast Talker 3 includes apps for fast text communication, instant messages, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and much more. It also provides resources for Servus Environment Control and full access to windows...

Alexa learn my voice
Melissa. Jane Allan

It allow your Amazon speaker to learn your young persons electronic voice.

Alpha Core

Alpha Core is a text-based AAC vocabulary designed to meet the communication needs of literate adults with changing physical abilities, such as ALS or MND. It gives users a choice of seven keyboards, and the flexibility to change to another at any...

Alphabet Halving for Communication
Marcus Friday

2 switch Grid 2 halving alphabetic layout keyboard made for visually impaired client. Long hold on switch 1 for space and long hold on switch 2 to speak text chat workspace. 6 switch presses required for each letter. Deliberately left 'start...


pppAlphabet scanning pageset. Designed for fully-literate communicators who are utilising 2-switch scanning. This pagset is optimised for row-cell scanning, and features word prediction. Developed by Sebastian Caon, a Speech Pathologist working in...

alternative pencil

for literacy exploration, based on the "4 blocks" literacy strategy

alternative pencil phoneme keyboard
Daniel Cooper

Grids made for early literacy and playing with sound letter coorespondence. Can be used with eye gaze

alternative pencil ver 2
Daniel Cooper

Improved format of alternative pencil. Says letter names. Additional features of full stop and backspace are hidden above the workspace.

Amazon Echo + Portal
Smartbox Jay

Designed for Amazon Echo devices, this grid set gives you access to music, audiobooks, radio, news, weather, jokes, alarms and more. It can also give you control over smart home devices such as lights, sockets and heating. The phrases on each grid...

Ana Jan 2017
Ana W

Ana Jan 2017

Android Messages
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

Android Messages for Grid 3 enables you to respond to text messages on your phone from Grid 3. Start a new conversation or reply to incoming messages with text and emojis available. You can even have Grid 3 read messages out loud to you. Your...

Ann's page
Ann T

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

AS Story Grid for switches
Eleanor Primary 2017-23-01

adapted version of Story Grid for Switches: this one is set up for auditory scanning for switches.

Assessment Keyboards
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A grid bundle of a variety of different keyboards to help people assess which keyboard the user would prefer. In here is ABC keyboards, Frequency keyboards for touch screen and switch users, QWERTY keyboards, and a two hit 6 cell and 8 cell grid.

Autocomplete and touchtype
Barney Hawes Smartbox

These are the grids used in the YouTube video about the new AutoComplete and TouchType features in The Grid 2.7. You can view the video here:

Basic Colour Keyboard

Large 5x7 colour keyboard with ABC layout and basic functions. Compatible with Grid Player for iPad.

basic communication

Simple gridset for adult/basic needs

Basic QWERTY Keyboard
FRS Custom Solutions

For simple communication, the FRS Basic QWERTY Keyboard keeps everything you need on a single page and manages to do so without sacrificing great features. In here you will find a QWERTY keyboard, numbers 0-9, punctuation, word prediction,...

Basic QWERTY Keyboard

For simple communication, the FRS Basic QWERTY Keyboard keeps everything you need on a single page and manages to do so without sacrificing great features. In here you will find a QWERTY keyboard, numbers 0-9, punctuation, word prediction,...

Beeline, Americanized, text only

A fast, efficient symbol communication grid set for people who want to get straight to the point.

Blank Template for Simple Digital Book for Eye Gaze
Symbols for All

This grid set is a blank template for creating your own accessible digital copies of a paper book for learners with print disabilities. There are commands and grid commands pre-programmed into each page. You will need scanned images of pages in the...