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Justine's phrases
Aimee Donovan

Phrases for Justine

Kaitlin H Auditory Scanning Gridset
Kaitlin Hammond

Kaitlin H Test Gridset for auditory scanning.

Kayo Sports
Noah Callan

Watch Kayo Sports with pointer, eye gaze and switches!

Kidz Bop Choices - YouTube

This grid set allows 4 choices of songs on YouTube from the movie Frozen

Kindle for Eye Gaze
Emma Hughes

Based on the original Kindle gridset by Tizzy. Adjusted for eye gaze control. If using with Alea IntelliGaze please ensure IntelliGaze keyboard shortucts are disabled in the Service Tool. This grid set is designed to help users navigate the...

Kyle trial 9

Personal use


Down by the lake you’ll find wildlife, a boat and even a train as you explore this scene. This grid set helps teach cause and effect as well as early language skills. Interactive Learning activities are designed to be motivating and fun while...