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t sound story
tracey press

A grid set made up of a short story with sound effects called my mixed up morning. The user can work through the story playing the words and the sound effects at their own pace. The transcript is also included incase a facilitator wants to make it...

t stickman
tracey press

The full story of Stickman minus the Christmas parts. This is a Read to Me story where the reader can enjoy the story, pictures and enjoyable sound effects. Format created by Petar Tica

tracey press

Links to Barefoot Books songs on youtube.

Birch stories new
tracey press

LAST UPDATED: December 16, 2021 A collection of video books adapted in Tarheel Gameplay allowing AAC users to independently "turn the page" to continue the story. New books will be loaded each month, so check back to this Gridset...