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YouTube Kids
Smartbox Greek

Μια προσβάσιμη, κατάλληλη για τις ηλικίες των παιδιών και ελεύθερη διαφημίσεων εφαρμογή του YouTube για παιδιά. v1.0

Γρήγορη Ομιλία 3 για PCEye

Το πολύπλεγμα Γρήγορη Ομιλία 3 τροποποιημένο ώστε να αφήνει χώρο στα δεξιά και να επιτρέπει την ταυτόχρονη εμφάνιση της ράβδου του λογισμικού Windows Control που συνοδεύει τις συσκευές βλέμματος Tobii PCEye Mini και Tobii PCEye Plus.

Εξερευνητής Ιστού
Smartbox Greek

Ένας προσβάσιμος εξερευνητής ιστού που παρέχει τα εργαλεία που χρειάζονται για την πλοήγηση στο διαδίκτυο.

Κάμερα - Αφή
Smartbox Greek

Τραβήξτε φωτογραφίες με τη συσκευή σας και στη συνέχεια δείτε τις.

Ρολόϊ - Αφή
Smartbox Greek

Ένα απλό πολυπλέγμα για την εμφάνιση της ώρας σε αναλογικό ρολόι.

Σημειώσεις - Αφή
Smartbox Greek

Γραφή και οργάνωση σημειώσεων.

Agenda 2020 Samuel

Agenda 2020 en castellano para control táctil.

Computer Control Youtube
Emma H - Smartbox

Take complete control of youtube. This Grid set has been created particularly for use of Youtube using an external browser (internet explorer).

[VOLCAN] brossage dent
Sabine ergo

CRF brossage de dents

1 cell music
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

This grid set is designed to help users getting started with switch scanning. Each grid contains one scanable cell which you can select to hear 30 seconds of a song, you then need to select this cell again to hear a further 30 seconds. Whilst...

1 Switch Media Player

Simple introductory media player. Plays music from Windows Media Player and video files. Once either music or video option has been selected then the user just has to press one switch to move onto the next song/ video. Person supporting the user can...

12 Location

A 12 cell density categorical based communication system providing for the fastest message selection for common pragmatically based situations. The category based system also allows for quick customization to incorporate personal information and...

2 Klick 12 Zellen Tastatur

Ein 12-Zellen-Tastatur-Rasterset, geeignet für die Augensteuerung , mit großen Zielen und großer Schrift. Enthält ein Zwei-Klick-Alphabet, Zahlen, Satzzeichen, Vorhersage-Zellen und zwei Nachrichtenseiten, welche der Benutzer selbstständig durch...

3 YouTube girl ray ballet

Gridset shown in CM2018 presention titled Augmentative and Alternative Communication Provision Pathway: Single item activation to linking ideas and navigating (slides available on ) Example of YouTube gridset with multiple...

4 choice video player

A simple 4 choice video player that will be quick and easy to customize. Upload saved video files to each choice button which links to a video player.

8 Talk with simple email & SMS
LifeTec 1

8 Talk grid set modified by Peta Booth (SLP). A two-hit 12 cell keyboard grid, with large targets and large font. Contains alphabet, numbers, punctuation, prediction cells and two message pages, which the user is able to add/remove messages from....

Accessible Kindle for PC v3.0
Will Wade

Similar to Andy's (and previous to that Tizzy's.. and whoever else..) this gridset is the latest (March 2017) build of the Accessible Kindle for PC. Instructions with a link to download the Kindle for PC is in the grid set. Please note for optimum...


Accuracy test for eyegaze, touch and any other pointer!

Acessibilidade Digital

Um trabalho desenvolvido para Acesso pelo Olhar, mas também pode ser adaptado para Varrimento. Abrange o controlo do computador e de muitas aplicações: - QWERTY Teclado QWERTY com predição, caracteres acentuados, algarismos e pontuação; -...

Actividades para el ocio
BJ Adaptaciones

El usuario de actividades agrupa varias tareas para el ocio de forma simplificada, como puede ser la escritura, escuchar música, juegos, ver DVD, fotos,… de acceso sencillo y ágil.


Interaktiv julekalender. Morsomme videoer, aktiviteter og oppskrifter. God Jul.

Filip Szafarz

Album wyświetlający zawartość folderu Moje Obrazy. Kilka wersji w zależności od sposobu obsługi komputera (przyciski, urządzenie obsługujące gałki oczne, mysz, itp) oraz w zależności od stopnia zaawansowania Użytkownika AAC (prosty przegląd,...

Alda Teresa

Escrever ao primeiro toque com 1,6 seg de pausa entre toques (para tablets tacteis) e com aviso sonoro de toque efectivo. O texto pode ser gravado em WordPad ou Word ( ajustar em cada computador) e pode ser também colado no grid em sentido inverso....

Access Technology North

One-hit Gridset to control Amazon Echo. Uses wordlists to easily add favourite commands and music choices. Allows user to modify wordlist choices themselves. Includes link to users communication Gridset for access to standard vocabulary - useful...

Alexa learn my voice
Melissa. Jane Allan

It allow your Amazon speaker to learn your young persons electronic voice.

Alpha Core (2)
Craig Tech Lab

Alpha Core is a text-based AAC vocabulary designed to meet the communication needs ofadults with changing

Amazon Echo
Smartbox (US)

This grid set for the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot gives you access to music, audio books, radio, news, weather, jokes, alarms etc as well as giving control over smart home devices such as lights, sockets and heating. The phrases on each page can be...