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Descobre os sons t, d e n
CRPCCG 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 e 2023 - Lisboa

Identificação fonémica e discriminação auditiva dos fonemas /t/, /d/ e /n/.

Descobrir o par igual
CRPCCG 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 e 2023 - Lisboa

Selecionar a imagem igual, com recurso a sequências de círculos coloridos.

Dia dos Namorados 2022

Uma lista de compras em formato de acesso ao computador!

Digital painter
Link Assistive

An easy way to launch Look to Learn from Grid 3, and use the move the mouse without clicks function

Dilbert the Dog

See how Dilbert responds when you give him sausages, a ball, a bone… or a spider! This grid set helps develop early cause and effect skills. Interactive Learning activities are designed to be motivating and fun while teaching key access skills....

CRPCCG 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 e 2023 - Lisboa

Reconhecer o dinheiro e associar ao valor solicitado.

Discriminação fonémica e escrita de palavras com X, CH, J ou G
CRPCCG 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 e 2023 - Lisboa

Identificação e discriminação fonémica. Associação fonema-grafema. Casos de leitura.

Divisões da casa
CRPCCG 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 e 2023 - Lisboa

Identificar e associar imagens às diferentes divisões da casa (casa de banho, quarto, cozinha e sala de estar)


Jeux dobble fiesta 2


Simple document editor for writing and editing documents inside Grid 3. I added Add and Remove word from dictionary, music grids, modified print preview, tab button (8 spaces), and speak buttons.

Dog commands
Melissa. Jane Allan

Dog commands. I have put cells in so you can put your own things in and I have added a word list button does not work unless you are in edit mode.

Dolphin EasyReader
AAC Bethany

EasyReader is a free app which makes reading more accessible for readers who are visually impaired, have a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia or any other print impairment. Sign in to your favourite talking book libraries to find, download...

Dreamtime Stories

This grid set allows users to choose from 8 YouTube videos, each playing a different Australian Dreamtime story.

DTSL Assistive Technolgy Remote Support

This gridset enables users to allow DTSL Assistive Technology to remotely support any Grid 3 issues. Remote sessions must be arranged by appointment only - contact us on 0800 864-382 (NZ), or, if you want to arrange this. Note:...

Dwell Click
Smartbox Tizzy

This user has been designed with head pointers and other dwell click users in mind.

Dwell Clicker 2 för att redigera Grid3
Erik Kortebäck, Picomed AB

Installera först Dwell Clicker 2. Anpassningen är tänkt för den som använder Dwell ihop med tex Gyromus, Huvudmus, Joystick eller Mus i Grid3 men även vill ha möjligheten att själv gå till Grid3 redigeringsläge.

Dynamic Screen Starter Web Browser
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A web browser add in for Dynamic Screen starter. To add Web favourites onto the page go to 'Auto content' 'Web Favourites'

Eagle Paint
Link Assistive

An easy way to launch Eagle Paint from Grid 3, and use the move the mouse without clicks function. Eagle Paint is freeware software download from

Early Eye Gaze Access To SeeSaw App
Ashley SLT

Modified version of the new Computer Control grid set (from V1.0) Specifically modified to support early eye gaze users to engage with learning activities within the online SeeSaw app. Modifications: - many of the controls are set to touch...

Easy Talker FI 2023

Fast Talkerin pohjalle tehty yksinkertaisempi versio. Pikaviestit muokataan sivulla olevien Lisää ja Poista painikkeiden kautta, ei Muokkaa sanalista kautta.

Easy Talker SE 2023

Enkel kommunikation - gjort i Fast Talker. Fraser redigeras med knapparna på respektive sida, inte i Redigera ordlista.


Grid layout som tager dig direkte til login siden til E-boks / eboks. Celler samt funktioner er tilpasset så det passer til brugen i E-boks. Grid layoutet benytter Google Chrome browser, så denne skal installeres først. V. 1.0

Jesper Persson - Picomed

En anpassning för att läsa och navigera i eGP i Windows med hjälp av ögonstyrning och en anpassad version av datorkontroll från FastTalker 3.

Yvonne Clarke

This is a fun and basic grid set for creating a really simple story. Each page on the grid offers choices to build up a fun story.

Elena Aula Julià

Audio cuento con actividades de comprensión. Autora: Mª Jose Soler. Diseño inicial: Nousis.

Electronic Piano
Emma H - Smartbox

Electronic Piano allows the user to 'play a piano. It is a computer control grid set to work with the free software 'Electronic Piano 2.6' You can download this software from