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The Zones of Regulation
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

The Zones of Regulation is a behaviour management framework designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control. Self-regulation is something that everyone is continually working on whether they are aware of it or not. When we are able to...

The Zones of Regulation - Inidividual
Smartbox Jay

** Use this on an individuals device, this now also includes a link to strategies for each zone** ** THere is also a classroom version for use on whiteboards with multiple students - Search for Zones of Regulation - Classroom ** The Zones of...

Nicola Trenam

A simple first thesaurus to encourage using alternative words and broadening vocabulary. It was created for an 8 year old boy (year 3 at primary school) to support his emerging writing skills. Feedback welcome to

Three Little BIrds
Dougal Hawes - Smartbox

A lovely grid set for signing this Bob Marley classic!

Three little pigs - create own version ATtherapy

This grid set allows users to write their own version of The 3 little pigs, choosing from up to four options to make a silly story. At the end of the story, you can choose to write more, print your story, read your story back, or start again.

Thumbs Board
FRS Custom Solutions

The Thumbs-Board user file allows users to type quickly into their device using a touch input that is similar to most cell phones. When used on the ComLink ULTRA™, users can hold the device in their hands and easily reach the buttons on the keyboard...


Cuadricula sobre el sol,la lluvia, nieve, el arcoíris...


Grid for recording digital time.

Times Table Rock Stars
Dougal Hawes - Smartbox

A simple grid to load the Times Table Rock Stars website and operate the basic controls

Times tables
Smartbox - The Grid 2

A set of grids with the times tables from 1 to 12.


This is a simple symbol based timetable for use with Grid Player. It is controlled via a word list and has 9 available time slots, each of which can be customised.

Pablete comunicadores


Tin Whistle
Lars Tiedemann

Simple gridset with some sounds to play a tin whistle.

Today I'm Feeling
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A simple grid set to support a user to say how they are feeling that day. Emotions can be easily edited in edit mode by selecting change label and picture from the home tab.

Today I'm Feeling

Kent School District: A simple check in for feelings. Emotions are labeled and color-coded to match with Zones of Regulation curriculum.

Todays Activities
Emma H - Smartbox

A grid set for a user to see and record the day's activities. This uses Widgit symbols, alterantive symbol versions are available

Travaille livre des papas
IEM Montreuil

Travail de reconnaissance de pictos à partir du livre "la boite des papas"

Tricky Sounds
Phonics for All

Phonics for All - Tricky Sounds. This grid set explores the sounds that have a combination of more than two consonants and a vowel, and other difficult combinations. There are 10 sets in this grid set. Please download all 11 Phonics for All grid...

Trouve le mot
IEM Montreuil

Retrouver le bon pictos dans 2 propositions. Exercice en lien avec les vocabulaire commun des iem et ime envoludia

trova la sillaba

Ascolta la sillaba e trova quella uguale fra le 4 proposte. Attività in stampato maiuscolo, 20 sillabe piane.

Tux Paint Launcher
Link Assistive

Grid Set to launch Tux Paint drawing software. Free software download. from Tux Paint settings need to be set to sticky click. Set computer control settings in Grid 3 eye gaze access settings to move pointer, dwell to...

Twinkle Twinkle
Claire 2016-14-12

twinkle twinkle picture story book.