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4 cell Jessi

High contrast 4 cells communication board. Similar to TouchChat 4 Basic SS.

1x1 Play Pause Video SET BC

Play pause one video player; specify view (wait) time for video to play on home grid and video player 2.0 grid. Video play time is currently set to 15 seconds.

2x2 video player SET BC

Two choice home page; select a video and view on a cell; large play pause toggle button on right or left side.. Requires higher level of eye gaze skill.

3 choice - blank template

A blank template for a 3 choice activity. You can edit the content to create your own 3 choice activities.

4 choice video player

A simple 4 choice video player that will be quick and easy to customize. Upload saved video files to each choice button which links to a video player.

7 sacred teachings
SR SP 2023

Seven sacred teachings. This grid has images of the seven animals along with the guiding principles for First Nation teachings.

AA Computer Control

Take complete control of Windows and other software. Zoom to Click provides pixel accurate clicking on any target. Other grids give you on-screen keyboard and control of other Windows functions.

ACETS Fast Talker - High Contrast - Large Cell

ACETS High Contrast Fast Talker 3

ACETS Fast Talker - Large Cell

A few edits in the categories made by ACETS:


Toys for a child

Anne Marie Choosing

Link clients directly to preferred youtube choices, with one consistent Video Player grid for all videos!




Personalised YouTube updated 22.6.21

Ayaan ( Super Core Learning)
PALS Preschool

The Super Core Learning grids offer a gentle progression to the full Super Core symbol vocabulary, and an opportunity to build confidence with symbol AAC. They include all of the daily and play activity vocabulary from Super Core, alongside a...

Beeline - Touch
Smartbox (CA)

A fast, efficient symbol communication grid set for people who want to get straight to the point.

BJ Toybox interface

Grid set designed to control the BJ LIve Toy Box. The grid has 4 cells each programed to activate one of the BJ Toy Box 4 outputs with a 10 second timed play.


Acets inpatient user

Choices x2

Set bc

Computer Control Simplified

Left click computer control

CVC Nouns Play

CVC nouns: cat, can, cap, mad man map, mat, mop. Error free keyboad to produce the words.

Dictionary and Thesaurus

QWERTY keyboard with word prediction to access an online Dictionary and Thesaurus. (,

Dictionary and Thesaurus
AAC Bethany

QWERTY keyboard with word prediction to access an online Dictionary and Thesaurus. (, Questions/Comments/Requests please contact You can also find me on Instagram and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Dilbert the Dog - 2 CELL

2 cell high contrast with delay. March 6, 2024 See how Dilbert responds when you give him sausages, a ball, a bone… or a spider! This grid set helps develop early cause and effect skills. Interactive Learning activities are designed to be...