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Todd June 21 Edits
Sue Hart

The Super Core Learning grids offer a gentle progression to the full Super Core symbol vocabulary, and an opportunity to build confidence with symbol AAC. They include all of the daily and play activity vocabulary from Super Core, alongside a...

Toilet schedule

Create your own schedule by entering details into the boxes.

Toiletting schedule wees
Rachel Kelly

Create your own schedule by entering details into the boxes.


Tonedawg Craig Hospital

Topic Grids

A topic based vocabulary for beginning AAC users. On each topic grid, users can build simple sentences from one or two selections, using sentence starters and topic words. Grid size is 6x3

Touch frequency keyboard
Smartbox - The Grid 2

This grid has the alphabet for typing, and is designed for touch screen users. The letters are in alphabetical order. The rows have been split so that most of the commonly required letters are on the left hand side, near the prediction cells, to...

Touch screen access 35 cell version

Touch-Screen target practice for Grid Player. Touch targets to see if screen areas are difficult or eeasy to access. Nice and simple concept with 35 cells. More versions to come based upon different vocab packages.

Smartbox - The Grid 2

This is a grid set for typing with the new TouchType writing in The Grid 2.

Tower talker

For users who may be familiar with topic based vocabulary, and able to combine two or more selections, Symbol Talker C gives access to core vocabulary that is relevant to each topic. Smart Grammar also supports users to develop their ability to form...

Toy box
Access Technology North

This grid set introduces AAC in a fun way. It allows you to interact with your child or client and see their development i.e eye gaze tracking.

Train Ride
Katy Louise Hanna

The Train Ride book language support

Trains GLP
Casey Boleat

Trains Gestalt Language Processor

Translate English to Chinese

Simple two step keyboard using Google Translate to type in English and Translate to Chinese. Does require input from the user to 'paste', 'speak' and 'clear'. Feedback welcome


Requires Google Chrome to be installed - and Google translate keyboard shortcuts installed -...

Transport to school
Tom M

Transport hogs

Trial Super Core 25
Katherine Stewart

Bespoke Trial 25 version Trial for A

Tricky Sounds
Phonics for All

Phonics for All - Tricky Sounds. This grid set explores the sounds that have a combination of more than two consonants and a vowel, and other difficult combinations. There are 10 sets in this grid set. Please download all 11 Phonics for All grid...

Trish the Troll - The Worlds Worst Children 2 By David Walliams
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun! : We will share these iin the form of an accessible...


True false

Tumble Totts
Sam Ling

This is a one-button music player written for a brain injury rehab client. Set the access to scan continuously with unlimited scans and you can then control it with just one switch - press to play, press again to pause.