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WP Pathway D
Trevor Mobbs - Smartbox

WP Pathway D is aimed at students who wish to use correct syntax and more complete sentences, need to build up speed of communication and who wish to integrate their communication aid use with independent access to other functions such as word...

WP Pathway PCS Keyboard for Grid 3
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

This level is designed for very competent users. It has more core vocabulary on the top page. A keyboard is provided on a separate page. This version uses PCS symbols and includes accessible apps.

Wrapping Presents - Learning Grid
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A simple grid set based on the Super Core learning grids to support communication around wrapping presents.

Writing Activties Template
CALL Scotland

A template to create a set of differentiated writing activities about any book. Activities include writing a book review and creating sentences about the story; grid sets with differentiated levels of support; write using a word bank in a guided...

Writing and Computer Control - 2 hit typing
Online Grid Bundles

This is a two hit writing grid-set with four cells across and 2 cells down, from COGAIN.

Writing simple sentences
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

This Grid is designed to demonstrate how a sequence of grids can be used to help write some simple sentences. Each page allows the writer to make a choice from 3 cells, resulting in 3 different sentences. For those of you who have used Clicker 5, it...

WS 11.06.2024
Aoife 2023_02_28

Super Core is an easy-to-use core vocabulary designed to help early AAC users experience success with symbol communication. It combines a consistent core vocabulary with context specific language, focusing on daily routines and play activities to...


A computer control gridset designed to help users play the dice game Yahtzee using the website

yellow set 5 story 8

Yellow Set 5 Story 6

Yes No
John G

Two buttons, one for yes, one for no.

Yes no

A simple grid with Yes and no responses

Yes or No
Rosalind Angier

Binary choice

Yes, No and Maybe
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A simple one page grid that can be added into any vocabulary set. This page gives users access to a nice clear, Yes, No and Maybe.

Youtube - 1 click search

A simple, one click search for Youtube using a Wordlist for children or adults.

YouTube - 1 click search with symbols
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Browse and play millions of videos from YouTube. Add your own quick search terms with symbol support for ease and speed. v3.6

Youtube - 2 Step Eye 2022

Updated 2022. This gridset is based on Smartbox's newest YouTube v3.7 template. This template has been modified so all grid pages have 5 columns & 4 rows - providing larger cells for access while still offering full functionality. Anyone...

YouTube 2 Choices
Rosie Farthing

Simplified YouTube grid set with direct play video links. Home cells will link to a single video to auto play and return to the home grid when finished.

YouTube 4 choice version
Smartbox Kat

Simplified YouTube grid set with direct play video links. Home cells will link to a single video to auto play. Play grid has stop/ play options for control


Browse and play millions of videos from YouTube with an AEIOU keyboard v3.6

YouTube for Kids

Browse and play videos millions of videos from YouTube.

YouTube for Kids
Alex Butler word power 100

Browse and play videos millions of videos from YouTube add more easy access choices

YouTube for Kids
Tessa fayers

Browse and play videos millions of videos from YouTube.