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Google Chrome etc Functionality
Patrick's Shared Grid Sets

This Grid Set is for Computer Control only. I acknowledge that not every Grid is brand new but I heavily modified the Word grids to put greater functionality to it. ! I have put the basic, Mouse controls, on nearly all of the Grids. I have...

Patrick's Shared Grid Sets

The JBPB communication grid that I have created this from the initial eyeboard, that Jon Brough, the retired Speech Therapist, at the National Star College, created for the students, like myself to use. This grid is all in-one communicator,...

WhatsApp for WhatsApp Web
Patrick's Shared Grid Sets

I have altered the WhatsApp grid to work with the website version of it. Also, I have added a new Emoji grid to it, so when you have written your message, it will go on to the Emoji grid before sending it. With all of my own Computer grids, I...