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Carter Super Core 20
Sarah Wakabayashi

Sarah Wakabayashi Boston Public School - created this 20 button versio Super Core 30 . It has the exact same vocabulary as Super Core 50, and is available for users who need fewer and larger cells on each grid. Words may take more selections to get...

Simple Core Board - yes no more diff all done
Sarah Wakabayashi

Core words include yes, no, more, different, all done, I like it, funny

Voco Chat - Carter
Sarah Wakabayashi

This Carter Version of Voco Chat has a Yes/NO page under Quickwords and also a button to go to a Spanish version of Voco Chat on the Tool kit page. Voco Chat is a low-cell count symbol vocabulary, designed to enable users to communicate for a...

Voco Chat Spanish
Sarah Wakabayashi

Voco Chat es un vocabulario de símbolos con número reducido de celdas, diseñado para permitir a los usuarios comunicarse por varias razones. Las secuencias de mensajes, con saltos incorporados y vocabulario cuidadosamente seleccionado, brindan un...

Yes No Grid for Chace
Sarah Wakabayashi

yes no simple lower field so area at top of screen is not activated when student rests his eyes up