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Super Core 30 has the exact same vocabulary as Super Core 50, and is available for users who need fewer and larger cells on each grid. Words may take more selections to get to, but they will be easier for some users to select. This easy-to-use...

All About Samhain
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

This grid set is All about Samhain The All About grid sets provide information about  festivals and celebrations from around the world. They allow you to talk all about a topic by using pictures and short sentences. They also include a glossary...

alternative pencil

for literacy exploration, based on the "4 blocks" literacy strategy

Animal Pairing Game
Emma H - Smartbox

An animal pairing game, the aim of the game is to match the baby animal with the correct parent.

Aretha Music Soundboard
Emersons Green Primary School

Yeh Baby! Sing like Aretha Franklin. 4x2 Soundboard with short vocal samples from the Queen of Soul herself. Enjoy.

Sophie Beam eye gaze pro 2018-06-11

I've made a Grid that you can make art with. It's basically Squares that you can change the colours of. It's fun to do! I've made it because there was nothing like this on the online grids. Have fun!

AS Story Grid for switches
Eleanor Primary 2017-23-01

adapted version of Story Grid for Switches: this one is set up for auditory scanning for switches.

Barefoot Books

Links to Barefoot Books songs on youtube.

Basic QWERTY Keyboard
FRS Custom Solutions

For simple communication, the FRS Basic QWERTY Keyboard keeps everything you need on a single page and manages to do so without sacrificing great features. In here you will find a QWERTY keyboard, numbers 0-9, punctuation, word prediction,...

Bee Bot
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A simple grid bundle which allows a user to instruct a class member how to move the class TTS Bee-Bot. Allow for greater interaction with this activity. This 3 page bundle has a launch button, which can be put into any vocabulary package. A...

Beeline - non self closing and spell options
Lucy New 2021

In standard Beeline the topic pages self close. We find that many young people prefer the pages not to close or have the option incase they select the wrong symbol or want to say more than one thing on that page. This is a version of Beeline that...

Bill's New Frock
Saffron Murphy AAC

In order to use this Gridset you need to use a copy of the book.

Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

This is a simple grid set for users to play along with a game of Bingo in the classroom. The user hits the mark button and then selects the cell to mark. To create a new Bingo card go to the 'Bingo card creator' grid and go to 'Auto Content'...

blank cell scanning with distractor (curseof mr bean)

This gridset was made for someone learning cope with distractions in the selection set. Once the video is playing, the FACILITATOR PAUSES THE VIDEO (grey pause button on screen). The user then can restart it with the grid. The grey cells are for a...

B'lanna cochrane
Blanna Cochrane

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

Karl - Enable Ireland AT

This Grid was made to support visitors to Enable Ireland's Bloom 2017 'No Limits' Garden. It is a guide to the flowers and trees used in the garden with some symbol supported information on each.

Bollywood - 4 - Switch
Petar Tica

Using Switch Scanning, can the user navigate (or scan) through 4 cells to find the Bollywood Song? Or even Justin Bieber?? Can also be used with Eye Gaze to choose between 4.

Bonfire Night
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

This grid set provides a simple book that shows pictures of different fireworks and introduces some relevant vocabulary. It also includes a chat grid with both core and topic specific vocabulary. All vocabulary can be edited. Ideas on how to...

Bonfire Night Word Mat
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

My Bonfire Night Word Mat for Grid Player Picture from

Book Review
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A simple gridset to support book review writing. It includes wordlists for opinions, likes/dislikes and recommendations. Wordlists can be easily adapted to personalise comments.

Book template with recorded speech
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Book template is a simple 14 page cause and effect story/picture book. You can change the picture and recording on the cell to put the picture of the page in your book and a recording of the story.

Bookbug Interactive Storytelling Bookshelf v1.1
Symbols for All

A Bookbug Video Bookshelf with links to the authors reading their stories aloud and play/pause cells. There are also links to shared reading vocabulary grids for each book. Created by CALL Scotland. More accessible Bookbug resources are available...

Bookbug Shared Reading Bookshelf
Symbols for All

A Bookbug Shared Reading Bookshelf with links to shared reading vocabulary grids for each book. There is also a general shared reading vocabulary grid set which can be used with any book. Created by CALL Scotland. More accessible Bookbug resources...

Brook Valley Store

greet say what student did that proved safe worthy ask for candy pick candy say thank you goodbye all done check schedule

Bubble board
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Use this bubble board template to map ideas for topics, either using your own vocabulary or the inbuilt keyboard.

Calculation template 3rd October 2020
Marion Stanton

This grid set enables the AAC user to carry out most basic operations. A manual is being worked on. Email of you would like support with using this grid set.

Emma H - Smartbox

Simple calculator page from Fast Talker 3

Calculator B&W
FRS Custom Solutions

Use this calculator to perform basic math calculations. The calculator supports all access methods including direct select, eye tracking, switch scanning, optical head mouse and more.

Calendar 2016
Hannah Church - Smartbox

A user controlled calendar for 2016. The calendar app for Grid 3 was developed by Jamie Preece, an AAC user living in the UK who uses a joystick to operate his device. Smartbox worked with Jamie to complete the app based on his original idea.