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Photo display with comments and story

Take and share photos and tell their story. symbol stix direct/switch access Chris Sherlock July 2019

Photo display with comments and story - rest cells

Take and share photos and tell their story. Symbolstix. With an access method rest cell. Chris Sherlock July 2019

Play Minecraft! for Grid 3

Control minecraft with a single switch or eye gaze. The left and right mouse buttons must be remapped to the [<] and [>] keys.

PODD 15 School scanning

Column-Row Auditory Scanning Designed for children who are just beginning their communication journey, with school-specific vocabulary grids for school subjects and topics. Vocabulary and organisation are most similar to the 12 per page...

PPE - Social Story
Smartbox Jay

A simple social story to support users to understand why visitors to their home will be wearing PPE and who each of the visitors will be. This version is easy to print.

PPE - Social Story - symbolised
Smartbox Jay

A simple social story to support users to understand why visitors to their home will be wearing PPE and who each of the visitors will be. This version has symbolised sentences.

Pragmatic Auditory scanning book
Will Wade

A pragmatically organised auditory scanning book - designed to be linear scanned.

Pre AAC grid- extended
Keira Smartbox

Interactive Grid based around Intensive interaction. The user can ask for more specific requests. 4 cell Grid

Pre AAC grid- simplified
Keira Smartbox

4 cell interactive grid enabling a child to request an action from an adult ie. ball/ balloon/ tickle/ squeeze

QWERTY Scanning Keyboard
John G

This is an unusal Gridset, still to be proven, a QWERTY keyboard intended to be used for switch controlled scanning with auditory feedback by a user who is lifelong blind, but has MND and now cannot use a lightwriter keyboard any more. This user is...

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

Play rock, paper, scissors with just one press! Grid 3 will make a random selection

Karl - Enable Ireland AT

A computer control grid for playing the Google Rubiks Cube Game. You need Google Chrome installed. Configured for pointer access but suitable for Switch or EyeGaze

Scanning Frequency Keyboard
FRS Custom Solutions

This scanning keyboard was made so scanners could create sentences as quickly as possible. The layout of this keyboard will more than double the sentence building speed of a typical keyboard layout.

Scanning Request Lists
John G

A simple, switch controlled request list.

Scene Talker

Scene Talker is a Grid designed to allow users to create hot spots on photographs and pictures. How to use: 1 - From the home page create a Jump Cell to a new page. I used a 12x7 grid, but more cells will be useful if you want to focus on some...

Self Advocacy Healthy Living
Beaumont College

An interactive resource which allows learners to explore concepts around healthy eating and lifestyle.

Sesame Street - 4 - Switch
Petar Tica

Using Switch Scanning, can the user navigate (or scan) through 4 cells to find the Sesame Street Celebrity? Can also be used with Eye Gaze to choose between 4.

Sibelius 5 simple switch control
Drake Music

This Grid was developed for simple switch control of Sibelius 5 music composition software. (It's a simplified, adapted version of the 'SmartNav Computer Control' Grid bundle also posted by Drake Music.) Although there are 7 Grids contained in the...

simple chat keyboard and phrases
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A simplified version of Chat Phrases. A qwerty layout with prediction and a simple phrases page where a message can be added. Phrase editing function have been left out or hidden in this version.

Simple Eye Gaze Book Blank Template
CALL Scotland

Use this blank template grid set to create an accessible digital book for an eye gaze user. Instructions are also withn the grid. This grid set is a blank template for creating your own accessible digital copies of a paper book for learners with...

Simple Music Player
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A simple Music video player. It requires internet access and playes specific music videos from the Smartbox Youtube website or Youtube website.

Simple Television
John G

Very simple, TV remote control using block switch scanning for asessment with a stroke patient. Auditory feedback. NB there is lots of other stuff in this grid set too - it was originally Fast Talker Large Cell. John Gwynne South Warwickshire...

Simple Yes No Scanner
Amanda Bonjour

This is a switch oerated yes - no scanning grid writen to get a young brain injured patient used to switch controlled scanning. It has visual and spoken audio feedback while scanning.

Sky Q TV Controls
Smartbox Jay

A gridset that allows you to control your Sky Q boxes. Set up favourite channels in seconds as well as controlling the whole Sky EPG. NOTE: Please ensure you have the Sky Q remote set up as a Set top box accessesory The file and how to guide...

Social Networking
Beaumont College

A new version of our social networking gridset which includes Twitter, Facebook and Skype and works with the latest version of these social networks as of 21st December 2011. It uses the full version of the websites, rather than just the cut down...

Sonos computer control
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

computer control plug in for Sonos

Speedy Keys
Smartbox - The Grid 2

Speedy Keys provides computer control and text communication for switch users. It has been designed to take up a small amount of space on the screen whilst providing all the functions you need for computer control (including keyboard, mouse and...

Speedy Keys
Barney Hawes - Smartbox

Computer Control for switch users. Designed to take up a small amount of space on the screen whilst providing all the functions you need for computer control (including keyboard, mouse and window controls) and communication with Chat History.

Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Splash! Infant is an Aladdin’s Cave of early maths activities and tools. Drawing, making patterns, sorting, measuring, using numbers and just exploring are all very easy with Splash! Infant. The current version of Splash! is not switch accessible...

Star Talker (alphabetical)
Online Grid Bundles

Star Talker with alphabetical keyboard grids for switch users from Doug Nottingham