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A red hot pet
hayley smith

Story with pictures. Suitable for KS2 children. Grid will read story aloud.

A.B. Super Powerful Pageset
Corinn Hower

Phrase-based vocabulary set designed to increase social interaction and communicative motivation for an emergent communicator

AAC HEADS Super Core 30
Daniel Cooper

This is a Super Core 30 activity page that can be intergrated with any Grid 3 gridset. It can be used to particpate in the online game show AAC HEADS. You can play it as a stand alone grid set or bring the pages into an existing gridset. Follow the...

AAC HEADS Super Core 50
Daniel Cooper

This gird set, based on the Super Core 50 ACTIVITIES format has been created and edited with vocabulary often used in the AAC HEADS online game show. The pages of this gridset can brought into an existing gridset. Follow the link to find out more...

aac reminders

Reminding myself to support myself with AAC! I made it because I am semi verbal and struggle with feeling valid.

AAC west

Super Core is an easy-to-use core vocabulary designed to help early AAC users experience success with symbol communication. It combines a consistent core vocabulary with context specific language, focusing on daily routines and play activities to...

Keira Smartbox

Grid for the Alternative Access in Grid Training

aangepaste sleutelbord 4 grid
Ronel Lourens

4 grid Afrikaans sleutelbord met leestekens

francesca bianco -

Scegli l'immagine che inizia con la lettera richiesta



ABC Big Tile Keyboard
NeuroNode Trilogy

Simple large tile keyboard

ABC 2 Step Keyboard
Michelle Marques

Two Step Keyboard with phrases

ABC Letter Picker
James Hankins

ABC keyboard with phonic sounds on each letter. Select the star to see word suggestions. Great for users that are able to pick the first letter of a word.


6 cell keyboard

Ability Drive

A drive control interface that enables you to drive a powered wheelchair with you eyes.

ABUHB Learning Grids
Rose Hinnells

Caerphilly Children's Centre Team Learning Grids, based on Super Core Learning (these match the "ABUHB paper-based communication book 40")

ABUHB Paper-Based Communication Book 40
Rose Hinnells

Caerphilly Children's Centre Team paper based communication book adapted from WordPower 60, Super Core 50, and Super Core Learning