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Jess Wright - Smartbox

This is a grid set to control the audible software. is an Internet provider of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming. Audible sells digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of...

Martin Page

This Grid Set has been designed to give the user as much control as possible of the Windows Audible app. It was built using a Grid Pad Pro 13 accessed using Tobii eye gaze. I hope it will perform equally well on other compatible devices. Please have...

Basic eye gaze/simple comm assessment
Cat Onlinegrids

This user is helpful for early introduction of eye gaze for communication. It has a yes/no scale, a rating scale and options for 2, 4, and 6 cells on a page to express different communicative functions. There is an eye gaze rest cell on every page...

BAT Settings screen Smartbox contact only
Test pages

This Gridset was created to locate various settings in a single Gridset. Access to Remote support without going into menus Ajustments to various access settings when available Control of volume, Screen Brightness Ability to reset power plan...

Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A gift from Grid! A grid allowing you to play traditional Battleships

Bedtime Stories
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A grid set of bed time stories, revised for 2023

Bee Bot
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A simple grid bundle which allows a user to instruct a class member how to move the class TTS Bee-Bot. Allow for greater interaction with this activity. This 3 page bundle has a launch button, which can be put into any vocabulary package. A...

Keira Smartbox

Simple 6 cell Grid set to get someone communicating

Bing Diggers Story

Bing - Diggers Story

Bollywood - 4 - Switch
Petar Tica

Using Switch Scanning, can the user navigate (or scan) through 4 cells to find the Bollywood Song? Or even Justin Bieber?? Can also be used with Eye Gaze to choose between 4.

Bookbug Shared Reading Bookshelf 2023
CALL Scotland

A Bookbug Shared Reading Bookshelf with links to shared reading vocabulary grids for each book. There is also a general shared reading vocabulary grid set which can be used with any book. Created by CALL Scotland. More accessible Bookbug resources...

Books Alive!
Michelle Mason

Links to Books Alive! videos on YouTube. Created by Michelle Mason, SENICT AAC Assistant for Oxfordshire County Council. Please email if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Brio Train Set - GEWA
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A one page grid set to allow a user to control a RC Express Brio Train with a GEWA environmental control unit. You can use this with a USB GEWA progress STAR, as well as with the inbuilt GEWA in are systems. All the codes are stored on the page...

Calibre EBook Reader

Calibre User is a simple to use ebook reader that covers a large range of formats. Calibre Software can be downloaded from

Camera Control
Sapna Ramnani

For controlling Imaging Edge (beta version)

Camera Effects Grid
Jay Tuck

Camera effects grid for taking fun selfies with different effects

Keira Fewtrell- Smartbox 23

A simple Symbol card writing activity

Carol's MME grids

This is an edited version of Symbol Talker C, part of The Grid software for use on devices such as touch screen devices, eye gaze as well as computers. It is extremely flexible and can be tailored to the needs and abilities of the person using it....

Filip Szafarz

Do you think you know cars? Recognize these car brands! For subsequent cars, match the logo of the two available. Good luck! Any comments welcome:

Cell Crossword
Lynsey Cook

I have created a KS3 science crossword puzzle on the topic cells. I hope you enjoy this. I will be making more grids so keep an eye out

Chat Phrases
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A chat keyboard with prediction and some phrase banks. The phrases are organised into a small selection of catagories, most of which have some pre-programmed phrases. phrases can be added and editted by the by the user.

Chatterbox (Eye Gaze)
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

For people who like to talk. Eye gaze version of the Standard UK Grid set.

Chatterbox with 2 hit keyboard
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

For people who like to talk. A version of the standard Sensory Software Chatterbox Grid set, but with a "2 hit" keyboard, rather than the newer disambiguation keyboard features.

Children's theme songs
Keira Smartbox

Activity with 6 choices of TV themes

Christmas Chat
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A page for symbol users to chat about all things Christmas. If there are too many symbols on this page, you can remove a column or two, and still have plenty to say! I see Christmas lights! You want make snowman? I want Christmas pudding I...

Christmas Communication Board
Leigh Wharton

Get in the mood for Christmas with this communication board.

Christmas Cracker Jokes large targets

A brilliantly terrible grid set for cracking christmas jokes yule love! The original was one page. This grid set is 6 pages with larger targets Telling jokes can be a brilliant way for children to develop AAC skills such as the timing of...

Clarion controller
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

A controller for the Clarion app using computer control features. Based on the official "Computer control for Look to..." content. Note that Grid 3 must be running at least version 85.

Come In!
Jess Wright - Smartbox

Oxford Tree reading, Come In! book made accessible. Be able to read the book which is symbolised then do a quiz on it.

Communication matters
Sophie Beam eye gaze pro 2018-06-11

If you are going to the communication matters conference, you will want this grid set. I I'm going to it for the first time. So I have made this grid set as quick and easy to get to what you want to say. I've copied some grid pages from vocabulary...