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Fraction Board
Mike Miller

For KS2/3 eye-gazers but tweekable for switch or touch screen users. They allow two mixed numbers/fractions (proper or improper) and a decimal equivalent to be compared in the conventional format prompted by a diagram and set task created by the...

Frequency split keyboard with rest cells
Adam Waits Smartbox

A large key frequency keyboard based on a 6*4 layout, allowing extremely efficient use for pointer, touch and eye gaze users. Document saving and email sending supported.

Going on a bear hunt
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Grid set that allows a symbol user to write their own version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. This can then be printed out or saved for future use.

Going on a bear hunt
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Grid set that allows a symbol user to write their own version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. This can then be printed out or saved for future use.

Going on a bear hunt for Grid 3
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A version of Gemma's Bear Hunt grid, updated for Grid 3. This grid set allows symbol users to write their own version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, choosing from up to four options to make a silly story. At the end of the story, you can choose to...

Google Chrome etc Functionality

This Grid Set is for Computer Control only. I acknowledge that not every Grid is brand new but I heavily modified the Word grids to put greater functionality to it. ! I have put the basic, Mouse controls, on nearly all of the Grids. I have...

Grid Talk - Groups
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A version of Grid Talk where the groups pages each have a keyboard and the catergory can be narrowed down via predicting from the catergories wordlist. Please note it does contain offensive words.

GridPad Go camera app
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Grid Pad Go camera app launcher and controller - this can be used by itself or added into your own vocabulary, it is based on the Fast Talker 2 style. This app will also work on SB10s brought since May 2014

Hexbug Spider controller
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Allows a user using a GEWA prog to control a Hexbug Spider when it is set to Channel A

Holiday diary
Natasha Roberts - Smartbox

A diary grid to record what you are getting up to over the half term holidays. Add into a grid set of your choice. Once you have added your news to the chat writing area, head to the diary grid and add it to your day of choice. Perfect for...

Adam Waits Smartbox

For Grid 2 .This Grid set is designed around a background picture of a bedroom. The user has to identify and select items found in the room. Hotspots are created with transparent cells. It makes use of commands that generate a random question...

Image Search
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A grid bundle set up to do a simple google image search using

Interactive Learning - Big Targets

This a collection of all the Interactive Learning activities for Grid 3 with increased target size.

Interactive Learning Cause & Effect - 4 choices with chat - with rest cells
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A modified version of the Interactive Learning Cause and Effect grids, with four large cells to choose from in each activity, and chat and opinion pages also with just four large cells. An added page also allows users to say if they would like to do...

Introducing Computer Control
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

Based on an idea from Beit Issie Shapiro School. The grid is set up to just have the click feature, with a symbol that may make more sense to a young user. More information about the idea and reasoning can be found here:...

Introductory Activity 1 - Faces
Online Grid Bundles

This is a 4 x 4 grid to practice eye control. The aim is to put a nose on the face with the cursor. From COGAIN

Introductory Activity 2 - Shopping
Online Grid Bundles

This is an introductory activity to practice eye control. This shopping grid has one active cell to turn the page. From COGAIN.

Introductory Activity 3 - Tom
Online Grid Bundles

This grid contains musical and film content for eye control practice. From COGAIN

Introductory Stage (Eye gaze)
Sarah Betteley

Talk2together - intro stage - Jaime

Jac eye
Jacqui Rogers

Computer Control lets you take control of your computer. Included are on screen keyboard, mouse control and window management tools, along with grids for many popular applications such as Microsoft Word and Windows Messenger.


The JBPB communication grid that I have created this from the initial eyeboard, that Jon Brough, the retired Speech Therapist, at the National Star College, created for the students, like myself to use. This grid is all in-one communicator,...

John G

A grid for assessing suitability for eye gaze. This is a near-replica of a paper based comm, book used by a young client.

Katherine's grids
Adam Waits Smartbox

This Grid bundle is used by Katherine who is in primary school. She uses a Tobii P10 for computer access, though can also use a head switch some times as well. Katherine usually uses a qwerty based keyboard which started life as Star-talker, though...

Keyboard (frequency vertical)
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A custom frequency keyboard for somebody using a joystick. Up and Down movement is easier than side to side movement for this user. The most frequent letters are in the centre column where possible. I have also tried to locate the most frequent...

Keyboard Collection
Adam Waits Smartbox

A collection of keyboards for different access requirements to support assessment.

Kindle for Kids
Jess Wright - Smartbox

This grid set is designed to help users navigate the electronic books provided through the free Kindle for PC application. This can be downloaded via Amazon and complements their popular E-Book Reader. books must first be downloaded (pay for, free...

Lego Power Functions
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Allows a user using a GEWA prog to control the LEGO Power functions. This has the actions of the simple remote


Letters and sounds game Select the requested randomised letters, unlock the I spy page to play that game when you get the right letter. See words with those letters. (Ensure to assign a voice.)

Look to Learn controller
Smartbox - The Grid 2

Look to Learn launcher provides an accessible way to load and exit activities from Sensory Software's Look to Learn software.